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Siamo tutti uno

Siamo tutti uno (We Are One) is a collection of modular vases dedicated to the Indigenous peoples of the earth, created together with Silvia Z. Pio and Roberta Mari. The vases are entirely handmade in Italy and their shapes, finishes and colors are inspired by the aesthetics and body paintings of Indigenous peoples. The different elements of the totem can be combined as desired to create a new and personalized composition every time. For every pot sold, a percentage will be donated to Survival International, the global movement for tribal and Indigenous peoples' rights. 

Survival helps them defend their lives and protect their lands against all forms of genocidal violence, slavery and racism. Supporting them is a dutiful act of justice towards those who have seen their fundamental rights violated for centuries, but it is also in the interest of all humanity because Indigenous peoples are the best guardians of the natural world.

Discover Survival International!

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TE.PO. (tessuto / porcellana) is the result of the idea that aims to merge fashion with ceramics; it was interesting to studying the interaction between the two materials in terms of texture and materiality. The impression of the fabric on the ceramic has given life to an interesting surface that creates a play of light and allows you to create objects that stimulate the eye as well as the touch, enclosing a structure that is anything but trivial.

Tesi di laura triennale
NABA Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti Milano

corso di Fashion Design

studente: Sara Corà

relatore: Lorenza Branzi

marzo 2018

Novembre 2022 
Ricevuto Contributo a fondo perduto da parte del Ministero per lo Sviluppo Economico per l'acquisto di attrezzature per la produzione di manufatti in ceramica (forni elettrici di alta temperatura - 32 520 €).

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