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Stackable vases

The collections of stackable vases are the most interesting and characteristic product lines of L'arte nel pozzo. These objects allow customers to personalize the silhouettes of vases by combining the different pieces available in the collection. This allows to customize and make the chosen vase unique.

We studied new forms and revisited others, to create a real collection of fun objects that aim at the interaction of the person and the ceramic through the play of shapes and colors, giving life to a varied and complex multitude of solutions. 


L'arte nel pozzo + Roberta Mari & Silvia Z. Pio

logo survival.png
Ancora 1 - siamo tutti uno

Siamo tutti uno (We Are One) is a collection of modular vases dedicated to the Indigenous peoples of the earth, created together with Silvia Z. Pio and Roberta Mari.
The vases are entirely handmade in Italy and their shapes, finishes and colors are inspired by the aesthetics and body paintings of Indigenous peoples. The different elements of the totem can be combined as desired to create a new and personalized composition every time.
For every pot sold, a percentage will be donated to Survival International, the global movement for tribal and Indigenous peoples’ rights.

Discover Survival International!


Large vase

Medium vase

Medium vase

Small vase

There are 3 vase sizes, 2 types of cylinders, 4 of plates and 3 "hats" to complete the totems. The palette is varied and incorporates the typical colors of the peoples of the Amazon.

Zero2 2012

Zero2 was born from play, a game for children, where simplicity reigns supreme, simple modules whose difference lies solely in the size. And it is precisely this difference that allows for a variety of compositional solutions that are wide and never trivial. In fact, simply through the rotation of the single stacked pieces, it is possible to distort the final shape of the object, creating sinuous and curved lines, even though the single pieces of which it is composed are precise geometric shapes.

Ancora 3 - zero2

Each of the 4 elements is characterized by an oblique upper base which allows, once stacked, to create silhouettes that are different and original.

It is an object made up of 4 elements, all different from each other, which can be stacked or used individually as containers, coin trays or small flower pots.

Fun is a serious thing.
- Italo Calvino

Salis 2022

Ancora 2 - salis

Salis is a project inspired by ancient civilizations and ancient times, when the first cities arose and salt was considered white gold.
The collection is inspired by nature, by the complex and pure geometries of salt crystals, to propose a line of modular handmade objects that are combined
in four different silhouettes.
Salis is a collection of stackable vases, to be used
in groups or individually, which form captivating plays of light and shadow in the different living spaces. They are made of cold painted majolica and can be combined with the Sapelli mahogany version.

tecnico salis_sito-03.png



Hawaiian green

Persian blue

Brittany grey

Himalayan pink

The palette incorporates the shades of different types of salt around the world.


Torre 2010

Torre is among the first shapes created by L'arte nel pozzo of the stackable series, it is made up of 4 pieces that can be used individually or combined as desired, one on top of the other.
In 2023 there was a reinterpretation of the colors, that is the confirmation of the longevity of this product which even today with the necessary modifications manages to express modernity. Through shapes that taken individually could be trivial but which if placed side by side, can create a play of weights and shapes that gives the viewer a feeling of solidity and fun, giving dynamism to the final shape of the vase.









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