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Tag collection


A contemporary collection which, regarding the work of street writers as an artistic expression, aims to bring the world of design closer to that of street art.
The lines of the pieces intentionally imitate those of street furniture, to use the same media that street writers use. Here they are taken out of context and intended as a piece of decor, handmade in glazed majolica and are "tagged" thus becoming unique pieces.

IMG_2402 copiappp.png

Tag collection aims to change the perception of normality and perfection by decontextualising street furniture and arranging it in a finished and curated space. It’s about challenging individuals to celebrate esthetics and eccentricity while leaving functionality behind.
All products are made of ceramics, handcrafted and hand painted with several different methods, by immersion, spray paiting, hand paintig.
The "tag" are made with the most popular type of squeezer and cutter marker which is usually used in the streets of the world.
Scratch proof, the sign of the artist are difficult to remove. 

tecnico tag.png
tag biglietto.png
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